What’s in a Swag?

Indeed what’s in a swag, or, what makes up a swag is an intense conversation sometimes! Swags can be held high in the pride of many campers set up and what they are made of, what configuration and ultimately what brand they are all discussion points that keep revolving around the camp site.

Ultimately, most swags on todays market will “do the job”, but for many campers, it needs to be more than that. There needs to be comfort, reliable waterproofing, strong pole systems, and hardy bases. Realistically all swags are fairly bulky when it comes to pack up and in fact, you could argue if they pack up tiny and aren’t bulky, then maybe they aren’t made up of the right materials!

We have done an exercise in the below table based on 2 of the main style of swag…..the ridgpole design, and the 2 or 3 hoop pole design. And while the 900, 1100 and 1400 widths are all very popular in their own right, for this exercise we are looking at the 900mm wide models. This breakdown focuses on the material, base, mattress and overall size of models from Roman, Oztrail and Darche. These brands and more are available in your Camping World store, so drop by and check them out!

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There is no shortage of swags available on the market today, but hopefully this can give you an insight into some of the main features from a few big brands: