Equipment Care

Check Your Gear

Remember all your camping gear should be checked before you leave. Clean it and check it again upon your return.


Store all the equipment together, so when it’s time to go again it is already packed and easily accounted for, saving you time and hassles.

Don’t ever pack your tent, swag or sleeping bag away wet. All materials are prone to mildew if they’re not dried thoroughly, which in a short period of time can destroy your equipment.

Dome Tents

Camping World Dome Tents have the finest water repellent treatment possible for each type of fabric. No tent however can be as waterproof as a house, car or similar solid structure. There are several common and natural causes that can lead to water in your tent.

PRE-USE – All tents should be assembled prior to travel and inspected for accuracy of parts. At this time the tent should be hosed with water to allow seam take up. When dry, repack your tent in the storage bag. Not only will this minimise any seam leakage it gives you the chance to become familiar with your new tent.

CONDENSATION – Synthetic fabrics are coated with acrylic to repel water. This coating reduces air permeability and leads to condensation similar to that, which occurs, on car windows under certain conditions. Some condensation is normal with synthetic fabrics and should not be considered as a defect.

NEEDLE HOLES – Camping World dome tents are manufactured by expert machinists and have the finest water repellent treatment. However, seepage may occur in the seams through the needle holes created in the sewing process. This is normal and can be corrected with the application of seam sealing compound available at your Camping World store.

STORAGE – Never store a wet tent as it will cause mildew, this condition is not covered by factory warranty.

Sleeping bags

Protect your sleeping bag and add warmth with a sleeping bag liner.