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Call for the Stretcher

Giving you some distance from the ground, stretchers can be a crucial part of camping. Whether sitting your swag atop one, or sleeping directly on one with a sleeping bag, it’s comfort… Read More

Camping at Home

Sure, we are in the midst of some of the most uncertain and unsettling times of our lives, but we need to stay positive and enjoy what we have! Isolation can be tough and often boring,… Read More

Coleman Stoves

There are certainly no shortage of stoves on the market today. In particular, the 2 and 3 burners, most of which running off LPG. So what are the things we are looking for in a stove w… Read More

Charmate Cast Iron

Cast Iron cookware isn’t a new thing, but the Charmate brand is and we are really excited about it!!! The Charmate Cast Iron range features everything you need to have a campside feast… Read More

What’s in a Swag?

Indeed what’s in a swag, or, what makes up a swag is an intense conversation sometimes! Swags can be held high in the pride of many campers set up and what they are made of, what confi… Read More

4P Tents – What’s available?

The discussion around tents and how to relate to the suggestion of how many people they hold has always been an interesting one. For example, typical tent sizes you see in most camping… Read More

Outdoor Equipped Bermuda

The Outdoor Equipped Bermuda range have been a fan favourite for a few years now. The tent family consists of a 3P and 4P model in a stunning colour scheme. The Bermuda is one to be en… Read More

Outdoor Equipped Arapiles 4P

The Outdoor Equipped Arapiles 4P tent is the ultimate in fast, easy and efficient tent camping. With the super fast instant frame system, the Arapiles inner, featuring super fine insec… Read More