Camping at Home

Sure, we are in the midst of some of the most uncertain and unsettling times of our lives, but we need to stay positive and enjoy what we have!

Isolation can be tough and often boring, but we are suggesting that you not be confined to just inside your houses, but rather enjoy the back or front yard, courtyard, paddock or whatever it is you have within your property and go CAMPING AT HOME!!!

The beauty is, it’s very simple and can be just as fun. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about drop toilets or digging a hole in the ground!! You are only a few steps from the comfort of your own loo! But you can still enjoy the open sky and a bit of fresh air. Ok so what do we need…..well, keep it simple….but still give yourself a real camping experience.

  • TENTS – let’s stick to something fairly simple and small. No need for a full size family tent set up…..unless of course you have the space, in which case go for it!! But for this exercise, let’s say a 3P or 4P dome tent. These don’t take up a huge footprint and are very easy to set up and pack down….and usually not overly expensive. Try the Outdoor Equipped Arapiles 4P. This tent features an instant frame so setting up and packing down is amazingly easy and it won’t break your budget!!
  • AIRBEDS – depending on how many of you are enjoying the campout, there are a few sizes for you to choose from. Coleman have a good range of airbeds including their Quickbed range which is very affordable and extremely comfy!! There is a single, double and queen, but at home you have access to power so we think this where the queen double high with pump is soooo good. You won’t lose a breath while you plug this in and inflate it! Then simply carry it out to your home camp site tent and away you go!
  • SLEEPING BAGS – so many to choose from right!? Well if you are doing the home camping with kids, give them a fun sleeping experience with the Outdoor Equipped Kids Sleeping Bags. There is a Mermaid and Shark option available and the kids LOVE them! For the grown ups, or if things are getting a bit chilly out there, Oztrail have a HUGE range of sleeping bags to suit everyone!
  • FIREPITS – this won’t necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but to really give you an authentic camping feel, try getting a fire pit set up. These can be as big or small as you like and there are options available to purchase these. Check out the Coleman Firedisk Plus as it is really light weight, gives you a good size fire pit and even comes with a removable grill for cooking on. Not to mention a nice carry bag for storage. This will suit your home camping experience perfectly!
  • CAMP CHAIRS – there are certainly no shortage of options here and I’m sure you might even have a chair or two. But did you know some of the awesome styles you may not be aware of? Oztrail do some really comfy and fun chairs in their range, like the range of comfy kids chairs including the deluxe arm chair, moon chair and even a high chair!! And for the grown ups, the ultra comfy moon chair range is something to check out and while you’re there, have a look at the sofa style Galaxy 2 and 3 seaters!!! Yes, they even have wine glass holders!!
  • CAMPING STOVES – if you really want to up the home camping game, get out a camping stove and boil the kettle or cook some bacon and eggs for brekky! The range of Coleman stoves are brilliant and cover basic to advanced needs. Whether it a BBQ/Grill style you want or a fast flame 2 burner stove, Coleman have some of the best on the market. The whistle of your kettle should be heard loud and proud!!!

So while there is rules about keeping confined, there are no rules about enjoying the comfort of your own property and still being able to access the fresh air and magic of an open starry sky. Give your Camping World store a call today and get your orders in. Ask the friendly team about phone orders and deliveries! And get out in the backyard!!!!