Call for the Stretcher

Giving you some distance from the ground, stretchers can be a crucial part of camping. Whether sitting your swag atop one, or sleeping directly on one with a sleeping bag, it’s comfort, stability and reliability that helps us make our choice when purchasing a stretcher.

As a lot of camping gear on the market today, most stretchers will achieve what you need them to, but when it comes down to fine detail, there are some differences in what is right for you. Like size, weight capacity, overall weight and, well, what they look like!

Of the examples we have chosen to focus on in our table, there isn’t necessarily huge spec differences, but there are some sizes that are worth looking at. Work out what your needs are, and go from there.

We have done an exercise in the below table based some of the best brands on the market and their stretchers. These brands and more are available in your Camping World store, so drop by and check them out!

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There certainly are a number of options in this space, so hopefully this can give you a bit of an idea about some of the main features from a few big brands: