4P Tents – What’s available?

The discussion around tents and how to relate to the suggestion of how many people they hold has always been an interesting one. For example, typical tent sizes you see in most camping stores are 2P, 3P and 4P…..but are these numbers a true indication of how many people they sleep?

Well technically, yes, a 4P tent can sleep 4 people, but let’s be honest, that’s not comfortably. That’s like a sardine laying in a tin side by side top to tail. However, yes, it is absolutely doable.

But realistically, if we are talking about a bit of comfort, plus a few bits and pieces like a bag, an air mattress, some extra bedding etc, then a 4P is looking more and more like a comfortable 2 person tent. Which is fine! In fact the 4P’s generally still have a small footprint and are fairly light.

There are various styles and sizes of what would be considered as a 4P (or comfy 2 person in this exercise), and that is what we are looking at in this piece. We are breaking it down by floor size, peak height, fly, floor and frame material as well as weight. You will also notice some frame design differences. Instant frame systems are increasingly popular, while the fibreglass pole dome tents are still around too! There has been a few models of tent here and there that have dabbled in air poles, but nothing overly convincing. Not until brands like Darche and Zempire came in and have nailed the air pole technology to add a different frame system into the mix.

Truthfully, whichever way you want to go about your tent, there is a size style and system for every need. The next step from here is dropping in to your closest Camping World store and checking them out!

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Here are the options available from some of the best brands in Australia: